Thursday, 6 February 2014

Rough Mould Plan

rough mould plan created in paint with tech drawings

The dark red top skin will be the initial silicone butter on mould for the first half of the 2 part mould. To reduce the amount of fast cast used and leave room for interior parts of the model i intend to create a 2nd part to the mould which essentially has 3 plugs to reduce the amount of material and reduce weight of the model too. The middle lighter pink plug will leave room for the interior section of the model of which most aspects will be able to slot in through the underside gap and sit correctly in place. the front and rear bumper plug will reduce the amount of material used and also leave a gap for any electric if i see fit to wire in l.e.d's for the front and rear lights. I will put necessary amount of breather holes in the plug/bottom half of the 2 part mould to allow air to escape. The idea is pour the p[plastic in to the first part of the mould and then push in the 2nd part and quickly fasten tight to keep accurate shape for the cast.

Doors and the roof panel will be sculpted as part of the bodywork and then separated for moulding.

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