Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Alloy Moulding

The Alloy print from my remodel was a success using the Objet printer and where replications could be made quickly to achieve the amount of these i need for my model this method would be expensive in comparison to quickly moulding them. The moulding proccess also means i will be able to play around with metal powders in order to get a high polished cast version of my alloy if so desired rather than a gloss painted rim. I quickly began this moulding proccess and didnt get a snap of the 3d printed alloy but will upload one when my mould is complete. i have designed my mould with multiple breathers as a 2 part box plug mould. this will allow for my to pour my material into a large gap, then merely slowly lower the blue plug visible on the picture inside to push out the unwanted air through the breathers. Videos to follow.

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