Monday, 10 February 2014

3d modelling problems

So the file for the alloy is now unusable and past salvation as I've been mucking around trying to edit it through rhino, 3ds max, and Netfabb over the weekend. I decided to merely create a new alloy from scratch to ensure the file would print correctly. The Recaro seat file i downloaded took some editing (a lot) but with the help of Netfabb i was able to fix the model and make it printable. For some reason however the Brembo disk brake i modeled during 2nd year for my 3d vis unit is not printer friendly and will need some further edits which i intend to do whilst waiting for the Cnc queue. For the Objet printer the resin material is 35p per gram and the support jelly 25p per gram. This brings my new model alloy in at a price of £20 which i have gone ahead with and will be printed later today. The Recaro seat if printed on this same machine would come in at £120, £60 of which was support jelly. I could alter the file type to print the file in 2 halves but for the large resin price it still would not be beneficial to me as this seat need sculptural work afterwards and this machine is better used for finished items. Instead i will be printing the seat on the Rep Rap 3d printed for free, and also trying the same file on the powder 3d printed which would normally be a price of around 1/4 the Objet (£30) but as the machine needs to be fixed and tested i can use my file as the test piece thus getting it for free.

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New Alloy Modeled with the use of the Tech drawings for Lotus Exige cup 260

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