Thursday, 6 February 2014

Reference material

Along with the tech drawings it is important to have as many 3 dimensional visuals possible when sculpting. i have been able to gain a large number of useful files through website image searches but i also intend to contact lotus about a visit to a showroom to take my own photographs/ see if they can send me further drawings/turnarounds. Forza 4 for xbox 360 holds a list of cars you can take photos of in game aswell as creating short videos and getting a real feel for different curves and shapes of the vehicle. This option is perhaps second best to having an accurate 3d model made by myself but this would be a project in itself and would not be a path i would like to take. Another option is buying a 3d model through a website such as but the cheapest i could find was around £45 and is too expensive for its worth to me during this project.
Turbosquid model

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