Friday, 21 February 2014

Alloy pulls and tyre plans

3d print, 2 part plug mould and first fast cast pull

mock up of tire size and wax tread idea

So here is the mould i created from my initial Objet 3d printed alloy. From this i have since had multiple pulls in different types of fast cast, some with aluminium metal powders which i will play about with later to decide on a final alloy finish. I created a rough green chavant tire which the alloy fits snug inside working against dimensions from my drawings of around 74mm diameter with a 48mm inner core. I intend to turn a cleaner copy from chemiwood with the same dimensions - 4mm from the exterior dimension. this is because i have a 2mm thick wax sheet as shown in picture which i intend to laser cut a desired tread patterns from and roll around the exterior face of the chemiwood tire. from this i can then add branding and tire sizes and final mould the tire for multiple pulls in what i imagine will look best in gun foam rubber. (testers to come). I believe this will give the best appearance and look great for believable scaled down tyres

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