Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Brembo re-model and print

Because the file i made for my 3ds max project wasnt specifically intended for 3d printing the file was taking too long to mess around with similar to the alloy so i decided to make a new version of it to save time. I chose to get multiples printed on the Objet printer because of the size. As they were small objects the detail could be captured with this printer and the cost was low enough for me to not bother moulding and casting my multiples needed. for just £4 i printed the 4 i needed plus a spare. 80p each and well worth the time taken. i wouldnt have any idea how i'd go about making a like for like model part without the 3d printers.
original Brembo brake model

New style printable Brembo's
Objet 80p print out

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