Monday, 10 February 2014

CNC : queues/out-sourcing/alternatives

According to my time plan i made last week i had a provisional deadline to have the blue foam rough for my bodywork, modeled and CNC'ed by Friday just gone. It is now Monday and i have been informed there are 2 people in the queue before me who have fairly large scale work and i could have to wait until Wednesday next week. Although i have saved time on my provisional deadline for alloy modeling and printing and jumped ahead with aspects of the interior, a week and a half is generally going to be too long to wait to begin sculpting the body of the Exige. I am currently looking in to outsourcing from a company in Poole called Millturn CNC, and am awaiting a quote for my jhob buyt i anticipate this will be too costly for me and i may have to find other jobs to fill the time until i can CNC, find a way to get in a gap in between users or use an alternate and old fashioned method of bulking out my maquete. 'Clay Modeling' by San-ei Mook gives detailed descriptions and step by step methods on how automotive models of all sizes have been created for decades. In a similar way to my CNC method i would use blue foam like the following images cutting profiles of my car and gluing them together. This would be more work from my drawings from scratch but may save me time in the long term. Negatives about this Method are that the maquete may have to be smaller thus using more clay and leaving it harder for me to create a general shape of the vehicle.

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