Thursday, 6 February 2014

Making intentions

I intend to sculpt the main bodywork of the car in le beau touche hard grade chavant clay similar to traditional methods found in 'Clay modeling' by San-ei Mook and 'Automobile design techniques' by Frederick Hoadley. The present methods in automotive sculpting hasnt changed much over the years although i hope to bring a shortcut to the massing out skeleton with new technology. I am going to cnc a rough model in blue foam of my car which i will build from the tech drawings i have. This will give me a rough slightly smaller version of the car which i will clad in around 10mm of le beau touch to produce the final form. This must be made and then chopped up in sections where appropriate for moulding. I will mould the roof section separatley and quite possibly the doors too as to be able to make opening doors and a removable roof through which the audience car see the interior.
automotive le beau touche sculpting

I think certain aspects of the car and smaller parts lend themselves to 3d printing and  laser cutting. I hope to model an alloy, and disk brake for the car which which i will then 3d print, mould, and cast with metal powders to reach my desired result. The tires will be cast in gun foam and initially sculpted using softwar and cnc'd which can then be rolled around the 4 alloys. Some areas of the car will be sculpted and layed up in carbon fiber such as the wings and spoiler of the car. As the time frame is quite tight i am still unsure at this stage to the extent of the interior modeling but have initially planned for it and still hope to manage my time well enough to see my plans through to a result which best demonstrates a usage of multiple skills to acquire a high specification model. If the interior modelling does happen i intend to 3d print and sculpt various aspects whilst keeping the overall design simple but effective.

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