Monday, 10 February 2014

Axon 2.0

Axon 2.0 conversion screenshot

So Axon 2.0 is the Program i need to use to convert my .stl file into a .bfb file type. This is what the Rep Rap printer will read in order to crate my file. It has given me an estimated time of 10 hours to print at a cost of 45p if we did not get this service free from uni. At a considerably cheaper price but similar time frame to the Objet, This Reprap of the powder printer are definitely to correct choice for creating an object that needs further physical clean up and clay modeling. I intend to start this job first thing tomorrow morning in order to get the job done in 1 day. Whilst my seat and alloy are printing i have time to address the problem that is my Brembo brake and also the possibility to Boycott CNC blue foam maquette cutting.

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