Sunday, 20 April 2014

Smaller components for 3d printer

here is the last bed of 3d elements i will need to print for my model not including spares. The parts include rear diffuser and exhaust system holder, rear and front light l.e.d holders, rear light honeycomb patterns, wing mirrors, petrol cap, license plate, indicators, window wiper components, alloy badges and rear and front badges. all parts are modeled in rhino and 3ds max with the use of photographic reference and my line drawings from the blue
I have organised the bed with components as close to one another as possiblke with some elements inside one another to save on material costing and carefully planned the orientation of each part to ensure the lowest possible pricing. When loaded in to netfabb my models were almost all aplicable for the Objet 3d printer straight off with only minor, easily editable errors. i hope to gain clean prints from this job although i am semi scepticle about the size of some on the smallest pasrts and will have to wait for the outcome to know if alterior paths must be taken.

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