Sunday, 20 April 2014

New version tyres

Because the wax lasercutting attempts didnt work out quite as clkean as i had expected i decided to go back to the drawing board in modeling and 3d printing th tyre tread pattern instead. to save somewhere in the region of £100 in 3d resin costing i printed only the exterior 3mm of the tyre tread making a sleeve that sliding on perfectly to a newly turned chemiwood inner for the tyre. i chamfered the inned edge on the tyre and lasercut the bridgestone logo for the official bridgestone tyre tread. When mould in a simple box mould i played around with gum foam and fast cast resin mixes to create a high density black pigmented ready finished foam that correctly portrayed the tyres appearance giving them slight give and a rubbery texture and look. multiple were quickly cast to be time efficient.

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