Sunday, 20 April 2014

Bodywork mould

I created a brush on, or butter on silicone jacket to ensure the detail and shape of my pattern was captured. after painting on a think silicone layer, i painted on another layer of silicone with thixo in it and added scrap chunk bits cut to size. Because the pink silicone (smartsil 25) has a lower shure rating and a lower viscosity i find sometimes that it is too floppy. What the green (supersil) chunks added to the 1 part jacket was a thicker reinforcement that gave the silicone inner a backbone to stand in its correct place. This also saved me roughly 1 kg of silicone as the third and final layer with thixotropics only needed to fill the gaps created by the green lattice shapes. Once the silicone had set i scalped in to the inner and shimmed ready for a 2 part fiberglass jacket to ensure undercuts such as the wheel arched could easily be released foor my fiberglass pulls.

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