Sunday, 20 April 2014

Body work and Professional practice

i was able to get very clean 3 layered fiberglass pulls from my mould which were a lot easier to clean up in this material than to get perfect in the clay. I guess this is where the world of automotive and product differs because i was creating a product model in the style of automotive techniques because i wanted to progress and inevitably show of my skill set. In modern practice and as i found from my visit to amalgam, like for like 1:8th scale models are now created by taking scans from the real cars, editing the meshes to make appropriate for scaled models and then cncing the parts.
Although the clean up of the body work took a long time is was a relatively straight forward process and i still believe for a model this scale it was hard using tiny tools to make the finished sculpt perfect. i still believe that i made the right choice in stopping the sculpting short of perfection to alter and refine the model body in resin. Whilst refining this main body of the model there are smaller jobs i can do in between waiting for filler and paint to dry.

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