Sunday, 20 April 2014

Finishing stages of sculpt

Nearing the finish of the base bodywork for the lotus i used my steel ribbon tools to get the y2k to the smoothest finish possible within my time frame. because of the working hours required for the rest of the project elements plus another 50 hour project this meant the sculpt wasnt quite to the standard of a 1:1 scale automotive model but nor did it have to be. I had got the sculpt to a point where time spent smoothin in this material was wasted in comparison to moulding and casting my pattern for finishing in a harder material. I found that by finishing a element of the sculpt to perfection and then begining on another element that the first part would get knocked and the lines less crisp just because of the softness of the material in comparison to something with a hard finish. I relaised that by making a mould i could lay up a fibre glass copy which i could work to the perfect shape.

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